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Musings and Random Thoughts


I am the Jade Puget of LiveJournal.
I married schekter at marry_a_ljuser.

So. LJ. I use it to ramble about everything and nothing that's going on in my life and to keep in touch with some friends, as well as post some fan fics that I work on.

All icons (and most likely graphics shortly) by me unless stated otherwise.

When I feel like writing more about myself, I will. Until then...

Top Five Bands:
1. The Beatles
2. AFI
3. Green Day
4. Kill Hannah
5. I Am Ghost

Other bands that scream in my ears when I lie awake in the dark at night:
-Blaqk Audio
-Hunter Revenge
-The Ramones
-Helalyn Flowers
-The Birthday Massacre
-Razed in Black
-Emilie Autumn
-Creature Feature
-Marilyn Manson
-Porcelain and the Tramps
-The Dresden Dolls
-Liam and Me
-Tegan and Sara
-Nine Inch Nails
-Depeche Mode
-The Cure
-Mindless Self Indulgence
-Aural Vampire
-Within Temptation
-Daft Punk
-Blink 182
-Shiny Toy Guns
-Stolen Babies
-System Syn
-Linkin Park
-Tokio Hotel
-Jack's Mannequin
-The Presets

We're just a couple of anti-social creeps obsessed with skinny white boys, chicken nuggets, high ceilings, shit talking, and various forms of pornography as well as cross-country impregnations.

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